Owners profiles

Johan van Niekerk

• Johan is CEO and Lead Consultant of FleetBase (Pty) Ltd.
• Working closely with FleetDomain Online Systems, Latitude Bureau Solutions, MasterDrive and FleetBASE to provide a complete Fleet Management and Training solutions to the corporate market.
• He has 34 years’ experience in Fleet Management, Fleet Sales training, and Consulting

• Fleet Data analytics and reporting;
• Financial expertise and understanding of Funding options for Fleets;
• Safety and Risk assessment – Development of Safety, Driver and Vehicle policies;
• Fleet evaluations and Fleet Audits;
• Training of Fleet Executives and Fleet Managers in Fleet Management;
• Fleet Sales Training to Manufacturers, Automotive Groups, and Dealerships;
• Finding improvements of ROI in Corporate companies and parastatals on fleet optimization;
• Budget development, scenario analysis, and forecasting;
• Manage Corporate Fleets for companies from Procurement to Disposal – Improving ROI.

 Justin Kettle CA


Justin Kettle is the Managing Director of Kettle Consulting and leads the Accounting and Advisory business of the entity. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant registered with SAICA and registered as an Auditor with the IRBA. Justin is a director at various other entities where he has personal investments including Malt Capital (Pty) Ltd, Tribal Nation Investments (Pty) Ltd, Kavicomm SA and Fleetbase (Pty) Ltd.




Implementation Methodology and Principles

Implementations of this nature will differ according to each customer’s unique requirements, but in general, the principles that will be applied are as follows:-

1. Establish key role players and project teams
2. Establish a detailed customer requirement
3. Establish interface requirements
4. Draw up a Technical Requirement Specification (TRS)
5. Development & unit testing
6. Data clean-up and migration
7. Change management
8. User acceptance testing
9. User training
10. Go live
11. Post implementation support
12. Project closure

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Training and Training Methodology

Training shall be broken down into two phases:-

1. General: This phase shall cover general usage of the system, without reference to specific functions. All of the users to be trained must attend this course before any other training.
2. Specialised: A training course focused on each speciality shall be set up, and attended only by those users that need to use that function. Some users will need to attend multiple courses.

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