We offer Fleet Consulting to Corporates, Financial institutions, Municipalities and State Owned Corporations, Full Maintenance Leasing companies and Fleet Service, providers. Consulting processes covers – Designing and implementation of policies covering Company Vehicle, Selection, Procurement, Finance, Maintenance, Tyres, Fuel, GPS/Tracking, Insurance, Driver, Accident, Fines Management, Licensing and HR affecting Corporate Governance, Risk and Safety issues. 

Consulting processes cover – Designing and implementation of Company procedures and Policies that cover:

  • Vehicle Selection and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Vehicle Procurement and Selection of Suppliers
  • Vehicle Finance options
  • Vehicle Management:  Depreciation, Maintenance and Tyres, Vehicle Disposal, Fuel, Insurance, GPS/Tracking with Safety and Risk Management

Driver Management:

  • License renewals

Driver Training:

  • Skills improvement, Safety and risk improvement, Retention of skilled drivers and company image
  • Driver Training and Evaluation of competencies

Accident Management:

  • Reporting, Repair process, Third Party recoveries and Quality control

Fines Management:

  • Drivers and Company with expected AARTO Compliance
  • Human Resources effect and compliance

E-Toll and SANRAL:

  • Consolidates all expenses and cost management

Risk and Safety:

  • Policies and Implementation, Risk compliance and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


  • Selecting correct cover for operation, validating Insurance rate with applicable excesses and centralized daily reporting to manage risk